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SCRUM: The Master Class

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Our FREE eBook summarizes what the “Real” SCRUM Framework  is, when it comes to the process of Product Development. It is all based on the 2020 Scrum Guide.

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What The Online Agile Mastery Academy Gives You

What we understand is that “Knowledge Does Not Equal Understanding!” Our training not only gives you knowledge, but allows you to experience it, so that you gain the understanding of Agile you need to be successful.

All training consists of professionally created videos that guide you through all aspects of each course. This allows you to see the materials and hear the lecture at your own pace.

We supply a course syllabus in .PDF format for each course that we present. This is a document that you can keep as desk reference material or take with you on your digital book reading device.

Our Most Popular Courses

These are the courses that give you the foundational knowledge and understanding of the Agile philosophy allowing you to achieve the successes you desire in the industry today.

The Real Agile: Part 1

LIMITED TIME, FREE! 100% discount on the original price! This course begins an amazing “journey” that will take the student, if they take all courses, to a destination that will give a full understanding of what is meant by the term “Agile.”

The Real Agile: Part 2

This course gives us a definition of what we mean by “Agile.” It also discusses in depth the foundation that is required to function successfully in the “World of Agility.”

SCRUM: The Masterclass

There are many Frameworks that are used in our organizations today that allow us to achieve agility in product delivery. We examine and learn about the key management framework used in the world today called SCRUM.

Why The Online Agile Mastery Academy

Elevate your Agile Your Agile Knowledge and Understanding with our Powerful eLearning Platform.

We give you a flexible schedule and environment

We give you courses at a lower cost with a much greater amount of choices

We give you courses that you can take from anywhere , at any time.

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Agile Leadership

Leadership and Management Are Not The Same!

Management Is Not Synonymous With Leadership! What is well known today is this; “Many of the senior management team in many organizations are amazing managers. However, they are very poor leaders.” As one Leadership trainer said recently. “these managers could not lead 2 of their “people” down the hallway to the water fountain if their

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Are You Following “Upside-Down” Agile?

Upside-down agile. Now that is an interesting statement. So, what do I mean by that? Well, let me explain it this way. This is a term that I have coined from what I have experienced in my many years of being immersed in the Agile Arena! Upside-Down Agile is “Failed Agile”! Organizations in their attempt

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Agile Leadership

Are You Being Followed?

Look behind you. Are you being followed? I use this statement as an introduction for a reason. In today’s society it might sound a bit “creepy”, but if you think you are a leader, this is the best way to check out if you really are one. If you have no one following you, you

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The Professor

As the "Head Professor" and Principal Founder of The Online Agile Mastery Academy, Ed Rubuliak has had many years of experience as an Agile Adviser, Agile Coach, Agile Trainer, and Scrum Master. AS well, he has also functioned as a Lead Professor in the Post-Secondary Academic world. Please click the button below for a more-in-depth view of Ed.

What Our Students Have To Say

“ Thank you Ed! I would like to say how awesome the Agile program was. I really feel like it was a life changer for me! You’re an amazing instructor, by far the best I had the opportunity to learn from at the Academy”
From Brazil
“I learned many things from this course, and changed the way we develop software at the company I work at. The most important lesson for me was the discussion of the different ways you can introduce SCRUM at work; “By being Agile about how we become agile gives us the greatest chance for success.” All I knew about Agile Development before this class was that it involved iterations, so the amount I leaned was tremendous.”
From Canada
“This course has already helped me in my current job. Our organization is still relying on the old contracting process for building new Web Sites. This results in a loss of money and time. Using what I learned in this course, I was able to help them take a greater role in the project they contracted a web company to build. This process works. I have already seen some results from my current organization.”
From Canada
“This course has definitely helped me in my job. My company decided to use Scrum quite suddenly. Our R&D director mentioned it in a meeting but did not really define how we would do it. Our team members got really confused and people just continued doing what they always did. I had to stand up and introduce the process and also some software that would help us mange and start organizing the process. We have now finished 4 sprints and the process keeps getting better.”

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