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who can benefit from assimilating the knowledge presented in this course

Team Leaders:

Those individuals tasked with leading Product Development teams, Financial Teams, Human Resource Teams, Sports Teams, or any team structure in the Organizational World Today.

Product Development Teams:

Those members that are located within teams and are tasked with producing a product within a pre-determined budget and time constraint.

Product Managers:

Those individuals who are the subject matter experts of the products being created by Agile Product Development Teams.

Information Technology Grads:

Those individuals who have just graduated from an educational institution and wish to prepare themselves for a team or leadership position within the product development process of their chosen organization.

senior executives:

Those in Senior Management Roles that want to find a more effective and efficient way of producing results, by moving out of the cumbersome siloed hierarchical structures, into a smooth-flowing small team environment.

anyone interested in agile leadership:

Those individuals that want to learn and understand a much more effective and efficient way of leading their organizations.

Also Click The Link Above And View Some Of The FREE Sample Lessons That We Want To Share With You!

What's included in this premium Master Class!

content that we offer to the students of our course, Scrum: The Master Class.


the agile philosophy: a full overview

We ensure that you understand The Agile Philosophy Before Addressing Scrum. Without This Understanding You Will Fail At Understanding the Scrum Framework.


The Scrum Framework As Defined In The Scrum Guide

The Scrum Framework Is simple, but the understanding of its Implementation Is complex as it requires a total Mind-Set Shift.


an in-depth understanding Of The 6 Scrum Ceremonies

We cover the depth of the original 4 Scrum Ceremonies, and then the 2 extra Scrum Ceremonies that are required for Scrum to flow in a true Agile way.


The Scrum Roles As Defined In The Scrum Guide 2020

The roles in Scrum are few, but require an in-depth knowledge of what and how those roles fit into a successful "Performing Team Structure."


The Scrum Artifacts As Defined In The Scrum Guide 2020

We take the Scrum Artifacts and explain them in a way that the student has a true understanding of what they really mean.


The Full Understanding Of Scrum Theory

The whole course is then "wrapped" in this envelope of Scrum Theory. Without the understanding of this vital part of the Framework, Agile Success is almost non-existent.


2 Hours Of Practice Tests For Your Scrum Master Certification

We go through a series of practice test questions. We do not just tell you what the right answer is, but explain from the Scrum Guide 2020, why that should be the answer that you arrive at. You get an in-depth training even when practicing the test exams.

Also Click The Link Above And View Some Of The FREE Sample Lessons That We Want To Share With You!


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Also Click The Link Above And View Some Of The FREE Sample Lessons That We Want To Share With You!

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Your Lead Trainer

My Passion: Transforming I.T. communities from the traditional failing development cultures of the past to the successes achieved from a philosophy of “Agile Thinking.”

As a multifaceted public speaker, presenter, educator and corporate mentor in a number of diverse arena’s, bridging the generations from the Y/Millennials to the Gen X’ers right up to the Boomers, my passion is to see success and excellence again become part of what we have lost in our current organizational cultures.


My focus in both Corporate Canada, Corporate World and Academia, is to help our I.T. practitioners and their organizations increase Software Development success rates by refining/redefining their software/product development processes.


For organizations not able to transform to an “Agile” way of thinking quickly, we evaluate, recommend, and implement techniques that strategically allow them to shift to an Agile culture in a more subtle way that fits into their highly structured and constrained cultures. Whether implemented quickly or done more slowly, change is essential if we are to grow and succeed in the complex business arena of today.

Our aim for you in this course is to prepare you for a lifetime of organizational success. We will do this by giving you the knowledge that you need to acquire, and then we will help you turn that knowledge into understanding. That is our focus and our "passion." This will help you achieve the much valued PSM1 (Professional Scrum Master) certification.

Ed Rubuliak

Hey, I'm Ed Rubuliak. I am a Passionate Agile Enthusiast!


our course is straight to the point

with us you'll learn all you need to know to begin understanding SCRUM. This understanding Of the scrum framework will allow you to achieve success and reach your DREAMS!

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