The Online Agile Mastery Academy


OUR VISION:     A World Achieving Success Through The Agile Philosophy!

OUR MISSION:   To Transform The Student Into A Passionate “Agilist” Experiencing Success Daily!!

In Class and Remote In-Depth Education

The drive of the Online Agile Mastery Academy, is to see the return of success to an industry that has become used to a culture of accepting failure. The Information technology industry is essentially the focus of what we are addressing with our courses.

Our “teams” have far too often delivered products through our projects that come in late, over budget, and do not deliver what our customers and stakeholders need. We then attempt to fix the problems by way of shortcuts in future releases, which do nothing more than exacerbate the problem.

The arena of Software Development has suffered greatly over the last many decades with traditional product delivery processes which do not work.

We teach the knowledge and move the student towards understanding the application of the principles and techniques required for success in the development of our products through the use of “Agility”.

Join us as we take you on a journey that will move you into the world of “Success!”

Meet Our Owner, Lead Professor, and Trainer

Ed Rubuliak

.................."I Am Agile".....

What Our Students Have To Say

“Yes, I learned much from the course. I learned the motivation behind Agile, when it is likely to work, the ceremonies, roles and techniques. I also learned what would potentially be involved in trying to bring this to my organization. I notice that I am already bringing some concepts to my work. In particular I find myself asking what the business value of some task is, trying to find ways to deliver products iteratively and incrementally; trying to run meetings more effectively, moving discussions to outside after the meeting. This Agile Philosophy presents a new way of approaching product development.”
Eli S.
From Brazil
“Ed was all around excellent in terms of delivery, taking questions and providing answers. I really liked the simulation we did. I am a "hands-on" type of learner and found the simulations really helpful. The more simulations the better.”.
Janie M.
From USA
“I learned so much from this course. I already had been given advanced info about the course, but that really did not inform what I was about to learn! I learned a much better way to develop anything. It is a new way, but so much better. I learned from this that The Academy does offer interesting and useful courses along with great instructors!”
Jon D.
From USA
“Put simply, I learned a refreshing new way to go about my work. Having little experience or education on the subjects of development and Project Management, I was not consciously aware of my company’s inefficiencies. This course brought them to light and offered an appealing alternative which is already showing benefits in my workplace.”
Alecia C.
From Canada

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