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What Is Agile? …. Part 1

LIMITED TIME, FREE! 100% discount on the original price! This course begins an amazing "journey" that will take the student, if they take all courses, to a destination that will give a full understanding of what is meant by the term "Agile."


What Agile Is …. Part 2

This course gives us a definition of what we mean by "Agile." It also discusses in depth the foundation that is required to function successfully in the "World of Agility."


SCRUM The Masterclass: Learn SCRUM Here & A Professional Certification Is Yours!

There are many Frameworks that are used in our organizations today that allow us to achieve agility in product delivery. We examine and learn about the key management framework used in the world today called SCRUM.

Writing Perfect User Stories

Writing Perfect User Stories

Agile user stories are complicated and not easy to master. They are much different than the traditional I.T. system requirement. That is why in this course you will learn the foundational principles behind the concept of creating successful Agile user stories.

Agile Estimating

Estimating An Agile Product

The estimating process that is used in a truly agile project has finally broken the failure cycle of the last 60 years of projects being continually over budget and not delivering what customer really needs. Learn how to estimate successfully!

Advanced User Story Creation

Advanced User Story Creation

Now that we have been introduced to Agile User Stories, we will now delve a little deeper and look at the functional breakdown of the high-Level Functional Needs of our clients. We will introduce the concept of User Story Mapping at this point.

Agile Teams

Agile Teams: The Foundation Of Agile

Now we spend time introducing you to Agile Teams. This is the foundation of Agile. However, what we are seeing in the Agile Space is a lack of understanding of what real teams are and how we achieve the creation of one. A must for success!

Scrum Ceremonies

The 6 Scrum Ceremonies

Discipline is essential for success in the Agile Space. And, one of the areas that requires this is in the setting of and then the following of the Ceremonies of Scrum. We cover each ceremony in detail and give insight to its importance.

Agile Transformation

The Agile Transformation: Transforming Organizations from The Traditional to Agile

Guiding an organization from traditional structures and processes to becoming an Agile organization is a very challenging exercise. Many organizations fail at this juncture. We will look at and explain in-depth, patterns of transformation that work.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Ed, this course meant the world to me. It opened my eyes up to a very sensible way of running software projects. When I see job postings for Project Managers now & they want to do waterfall, I actually groan out load. Hopefully I can get a job in an Agile Scrum shop soon!”
Larry A.
From Canada
These lessons are helping me a lot in my work since our company just implemented the Agile Development environment which has been in place now for only 6 months. I found some of my co-workers could not understand why our managers changed their way of working but I have no problems now in the understanding of how I fit in and what I should do.
Laurie S
From Canada
I work in construction and these lessons gave me techniques that I can apply even there as I prepare for a job in I.T. It helped me recognize some things I am already doing that are similar to Agile in my work and personal life.
Dave C.
From Canada
Ed has a clear enthusiasm for the subject and his expertise is obvious. I learned a lot, and I think referring to these courses in a cover letter helped me get a job interview before even finishing the courses.
Jim B.
From USA
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