What Agile Is …. Part 2

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At the turn of the century, a new wave began to move through the product delivery Arena. This wave that began as a ripple in 1986, and then entered the arena information technology in  1993,  has now become a  tidal wave,  Sweeping through our businesses. It is known simply by the term “Agile”.

Our major focus within this course is to look at the delivery of products, especially in the arena of Information Technology. In I.T., the agile philosophy is making a world of difference in areas such as commercial off-the-shelf software implementation,software-as-a-service implementation,platform-as-a-service implementation, and infrastructure-as-a-service implementation.  Especially, major differences are being seen in the area of custom software development.  It does not matter whether you “rent”, “buy”, or “build” software, agile will increase the chances of success greatly.

Success in the area of product development is growing faster and faster on an annual basis. In the introduction section of our course, you will see statistics and examples from very credible sources that show these amazing successes.

This course will open your eyes to what agile really is. There are many definitions, interpretations, and misconceptions as to what  Agile is all about.  This course will give you the foundation that you require if knowledge in this area is essential where you are in your business. So sit back and enjoy what you are about to experience.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • what Agile really is,
  •  who uses  Agile,
  • history of where Agile started,
  •  the Agile Manifesto,
  •  where Agile should be used,
  •   where Agile should not be used,
  • key organizational requirements for success with Agile,
  • what will cause Agile to fail in your organization,
  • and finally, how to deliver Agile  in your organization.

Sit back and enjoy what you are about to discover. It will change your life!

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