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In a recent Global Review of major organizations world-wide by McKinsey and Company, they found that three-quarters of respondents say organizational agility is a top or top-three priority, and nearly 40 percent are currently conducting an organizational-agility transformation. This means that your future success lies in knowing and understanding “Agile”!

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What Is Agile? Part 1

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It is truly inspiring, straightforward and easy to follow also for someone who doesn’t have any knowledge of it. It provides useful sources, direct experiences and helps you to discern from who say to be agile but is not and who say to be agile and it is. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand why Agile philosophy in some contexts can generate great value in product development by reducing cost and risk of failure.

A. Quito




Ed is obviously a great communicator and comes across very well. This course laid out the groundwork now for me to progress into Course 2. I know that I am now ready to do that “deep-dive” into what agile really is. Thank you Professor Ed for a great course that has whet my appetite for more.

E. Black




This course is very informative and on target. I thoroughly understood what is agile. Looking forward for the next course from Ed. Thanks

C. Powell




Great course and intro the the area of Agile. I now need to get into the detail which would seem to be in Part 2. Excellent!

B. Cherry




Let me guide you on your Journey to Becoming an Agile Success Story!

It only takes a small committment of your time to see if this road to Agile Success is for you. If it is, this short, less than 2 hour course, will open up the door that you have been trying to find the “key” for. This Is Your KEY!

So, What Do You Say?

Meet Ed Rubuliak, Your Trainer

Agile Transformation Specialist, Certified Scrum Master, Agile Advisor, Agile Coach, and Agile Trainer

My Passion: Transforming I.T. communities from the traditional failing development cultures of the past to the successes achieved from a philosophy of “Agile Thinking.”

As a multifaceted public speaker, presenter, educator and corporate mentor in a number of diverse arena’s, bridging the generations from the Gen Z’s, to the Y/Millennials, the Gen X’ers right up to the Boomers, my passion is to see success and excellence again become part of what we have lost in our current organizational cultures.

My focus in both the Corporate World and Post-Secondary Academia, is to help our I.T. practitioners and their organizations increase their Software Development success rates by refining/redefining their software/product development processes.

For organizations not able to transform to an “Agile” way of thinking quickly, we evaluate, recommend, and implement techniques that strategically allow them to shift to an Agile culture in a more subtle way that fits into their highly structured and constrained cultures. Whether implemented quickly or done more slowly, change is essential if we are to grow and succeed in the complex business arena of today.

“I Am Agile”

Ed Rubuliak

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