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Leadership and Management Are Not The Same!

Management Is Not Synonymous With Leadership!


What is well known today is this; “Many of the senior management team in many organizations are amazing managers. However, they are very poor leaders.” As one Leadership trainer said recently. “these managers could not lead 2 of their “people” down the hallway to the water fountain if their lives depended on it.” Interesting quote from a gentleman who once taught management courses, and has now thrown that aside for a move into teaching about leadership.

So, where are the leaders in these organizations. In many cases they are embedded through the many levels that are not considered management. However, they do not get the recognition they deserve. It is now incumbent on our organizations today to recognize that a different style of “management” is needed to lead organizations to the levels of “success” demanded by their “Boards”.

A new generation is now moving into the higher levels within our organizations. We call this generation, “the millennial generation.” A recent study showed that over 80% of this generation that leave an organization do not quit the organization, but quit their boss (manager). Why? Because they are not looking to be managed, but to be led!

After a few decades of operating in the management arena of our Corporate Culture, I chose to turn down a C-Suite offer to move into my own consulting practice. Why? Because I felt it was incumbent upon me to begin to give back. And to give back, I knew I had to point out where the weaknesses were within our current organizations. With those decades in management, I knew something was missing. I had been to the management courses and seminars, but none of these pointed this out. As a matter of fact, they were all stumbling as well.

When I moved into the consulting arena was when I uncovered the missing ingredient just sitting beneath the surface; Leadership. For the last 2 decades I have been focused in this area. I have trained, coached, and led organizations and through all of this have learned so much. I have put countless thousands of hours, researching, analyzing, practicing and experiencing the growth of this area that we call “Agile Leadership.”

I am just about to release my first of a multi-part set of courses on Agile Leadership. To explain it simply, these courses will begin by studying what Agile Leadership truly is. Some of this material will come directly from CEO’s and C-Suite practitioners who have suffered the growing pains of moving into this exciting area. We will study values, principles, and areas of focus of Agile Leaders.

We will not just talk theory but will present frameworks and the step by step process to open your eyes as to how you will need to re-think and act to be a true Agile Leader.

If you wish to be informed of the release of these courses, then please go over to our Online Academy Web Site below and on the home page, sign-up to receive our new and upcoming short monthly newsletter.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in one of our courses.

Remember “We are AGILE!”

Author: Ed Rubuliak


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