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AGILE: What Is It?

What Is Agile? In this lesson in our discussion of “What is Agile, Part 1”, we look at two different areas. First of all we look at what so many people in their organizations say that Agile is. We examine their statements and then indicate what we have found out and learned in our industry, …

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Agile Jobs/Positions Today

The Job Market Today Now we come to the subject that for so many, this is all about, jobs! We examine the “supply and demand” that we are experiencing in our global job markets in our current decade. The question we attempt to answer in this lesson is this, “will I be able to get …

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Agile Today

“Agility” In The World Around Us Now that we have laid out our foundation and have learned that agile is here to stay, let us look at what is happening with this subject of agile in the world today. Let us look at companies, both large and small, that are moving in this direction. First …

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