What Is Agile Part 2: Course Introduction

Course Introduction

In this our second course on “What Is Agile”, defining what the term “Agile” really means as it was intended when launched in January 1986, we delve into the true definition of what agile really is. We examine the words and the foundational definition given to us by the pioneers of this Arena.

We move on to the agile Manifesto. To be truly successful in the agile space you must know and understand this to its fullest. The values and the principles stated in this simple document are the foundations of true success in the agile world.

We take these values and principles and explain them in great detail. We define these values and principles, and then we explain them, finally giving examples of what we mean by them. Everything that we do in the agile world must relate back to these values and principles. For example, why we do this meeting, and why we do that meeting, are not because the framework tells us to do it, but we do them to adhere to, and address the principles and values that we find in the agile Manifesto.

If what you are doing with your teams and in your organization that you are calling agile does not adhere to what the Agile Manifesto states, throw it out. It is not agile. So thread through the videos and recommended readings from this course. Take the quizzes and ensure that you fully understand what we are addressing here. The knowledge that we articulate will hopefully give you the understanding that you need to be successful in whatever industry you are in.

Watch, listen, learn, and understand.

We are agile.

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