Supply vs. Demand

The Demand For “Agilitsts” Over the last few years, we have seen a tremendous growth in demand for people who have the knowledge, these skills and these abilities to function within this arena of what we call Agile. This tremendous demand is not relegated to one or two geographical areas but as our next video …

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Who Uses Agile

The Organizations That Are Agile In this topic, we take a look at some of the organizations that we have all heard about and recognize their names. These organizations have stepped out and taken the risky move towards creating an agile culture. I use the term risky here because this is not just having somebody …

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What Industry Governance Tells Us

I.T. Industry Governance This topic studies the trends of what the Information Technology Governance Organizations have been telling us about the Agile arena. It is interesting to note that many of the information technology governance groups and organizations, have taken their time with getting on board the agile train. And rightly so. These organizations have …

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Applying Context To “Agile”

The Context Of Agile The subject of “Agile” covers a wide area of the business world. In this topic, we will begin to look at what we call Industry Credibility. To “get a handle on” or “wrap our heads around this topic, we put what we call “context” to what is happening today in the …

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Course Content Introduction

. The Course In this topic, we present an overview of the course content for What Is Agile?: Part 1. We review the following points: Industry Credibility Who Uses Agile? Who Is Successful With Agile Who Is Not Successful With Agile What Agile Is Not Learn and Enjoy! We Are AGILE!

Professor Introduction

Ed, The Agile Professor Who is your trainer? This topic gives an insight into Ed Rubuliak. You learn about his background in the industry, what he currently is doing, his passions and his drives, and finally, how all of this will go towards helping you become one of the “Agile Elite.” As you learn in …

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